Social Media Management and Ad Campaigns

Whether creating a compelling Facebook community or seeking to have more eyeballs viewing your YouTube Channel can be difficult and won’t happen overnight. Managing a Social Media Digital Marketing Strategy requires focus to develop followers that will help your bottom line. The issue is smaller clients lack time resource and knowlede.

Paid Social

Online marketing has become more complex. Paid social has become an effective channel to help your business convert your consumers. Social Media channels have become pay to play and so those marketing their business are having to pay to achieve social results. No longer can your company simply be reliant on organic traffic simply through posting content driven posts. Whilst being told to create ad campaigns using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or a Youtube many business owners. especially those with no dedicated marketing department can be without a professional ad account manager.

Take the first steps with help from Cultivate MediaCo to design for you successful paid social campaigns. We understand how to develop a way for our clients to reach its audience, so that audience can take action from both text and image based ads that are effective.



Having a community take action is based on creating compelling content that connects with people. We devise strategies and implement a calendar that reflects our client’s intent and help them gain a following.


Ad Accounts

Facebook Ad Accounts is the back end system for Facebook advertising. Managing ads that encourage people to take action is what we do. And our track record is as good as it gets.