Top 4 Marketing Channels of 2019

Although your content or product is top notch, the unfortunate truth is that if you’re not marketing it the right way, you will miss out on the opportunity to engage millions of potential customers. If no one sees your content, they won’t know what they're missing out on. How can you better inform the public of what you have to offer? By using the best marketing channels. Here are four avenues of marketing you need to be focusing on in 2019.

1. Social Media. Social media does more for you than just advertising. It builds you a community that won’t be found anywhere else. It can be used to build relationships rather than focus on sales. Your customers have the opportunity to get to know you and your product behind the scenes, and when you interact with them, they understand that you see them for more than the money. Keep it professional while being honest and consistent in your posts. Start with the platforms that best benefit your business.

2. SEO. People use search engines like Google every day to discover and research new brands and products. If you can provide them with what they’re looking for, they will be ready to give you free trial a chance. How can you increase your organic traffic online? Start by creating a page that overviews a topic. From there you can use hyperlinks that take your customer to pages that dig in deeper to the subtopic. This will tell Google that you know that you’re an authority on the subject. In turn, each page will begin to rank higher. Take time to do audience and keyword research for the best results.

3. Podcasts. Did you know that the average person spends about 17 hours a week listening to podcasts and online radio shows? You have found yourself a whole new audience to pitch your brand. However, you have to keep the podcast interesting enough to hold their attention. Don’t just make a lot of noise that no one wants to hear. The best place to start is by approaching the show from a unique angle and sharing stories of real professionals in your field. People will be sucked into the story, and their attention will be captured as you use it to ultimately promote your brand.

4. Email. The reason email marketing is so great is that the person you are advertising to has agreed to receive news about the latest products, deals, and benefits that you offer. However, you don’t want to end up in junk mail. To make email marketing work, you have to personalize it. Rather than sending the same mass email, please take into consideration who your customers are, what they’ve purchased in the past, and their location to better identify what will catch their attention. Moreover, remember to keep it short, simple, and to the point.

By implementing these marketing channels, you can be sure that 2019 will be a successful year for your business.