The Top 5 Ways to Increase Your YouTube Subscribers

YouTube is one of the modern age’s most useful tools. Why? One reason is that anyone can learn important DIY projects, how to speak a foreign language or go to be entertained. It can be used as an ideal marketing strategy. The possibilities are endless as to what and when you post. The challenge is to know how the timing and content of your videos will affect your number of subscribers. The first 1000 subscribers are usually the first milestone you will want to reach. How can you get ahead of the crowd and increase your YouTube Subscribers? Here are five essential strategies you should be employing:

1. Your posts should be useful and consistent. Sure, there has probably already been a video posted on every topic ever known to, but that doesn’t mean your content is the same. Find your unique spin on a subject; a new angle that will peak the interests of your viewers. Then you will need to post new content consistently. Viewers who enjoy your videos will be more likely to subscribe when they have something new to look forward to regularly.

2. Be yourself. No one likes to spend time with a perfectionist. You don’t want to become too dull. Show yourself just being human in bloopers and mix up the style of your shoot, so you don’t become predictable. Keep things interesting. The right viewers will feel connected to you if you relax and let your personality shine.

3. Use a variety of locations. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just change up your background from time to time, shoot outside, downtown, in the park, where ever is appropriate for your channel. The switch up will grab the attention of your viewers.

4. Strategically title videos. The title of your video needs to be clear and direct. Avoid lengthy, wordy titles. These only make the videos more challenging to find. You can even take advantage of YouTube’s autocomplete to see a good title. These titles work because they are based on the most searched videos. So if it’s similar to the title of another channel’s video, it’s ok. It’s a popular title because it works.

5. Give your channel design a facelift. The first impression you leave for your viewers on your channel will be the essential impression they get. Design your header to embrace your brand. While you’re focusing on design, consider creating a custom thumbnail. Use Photoshop to format an attention-grabbing photo and title it differently than the videos you post. That way there won’t be any confusion about the subject of your video.

So whether you’re using YouTube to gain a little popularity or to increase your online presence and thus improve your marketing, you will want to make sure you’re using it the right way. Then you will have plenty of subscribers, and the number of views will increase each day. The above tips will help you reach that goal.

Here’s a great example of the kind of YOUtube video story and quality you can provide.