facebook advertising

NEVER BOOST a Facebook Post!


If you own a Facebook Business Page, you will always be prompted by FB to "Boost" a post.  

I'm here to tell you, for all that is holy in this world, please, with cherries on top, never do it.

Why, do you ask? Why not press that pretty blue button? It's so easy, you say. It says right there by just spending 10 dollars I can reach all these people. There is a simple reason: it's like making a cake. You think it's going to be easy, but just because you can buy all the ingredients and plop it in the oven does not mean it will have the desired effect.

Facebook is kinda sneaky that way. They want to provide an easy revenue generating mechanism for people who want to advertise, but the fact remains that there are very sophisticated ways to do this using the platform. But you need some guidance from people like me to make it work well, and they know it.

So what are some of the differences?

For starters, Facebook provides about ten ways to advertise when using their back-end system. That is not an option when boosting a post. For me, when I am working on a Facebook Campaign for a client, every single campaign I run has a different goal.

For instance is it a lead generating ad? A consumer intent driving one? Or is the goal to drive customers to a physical location?

You see, I can create an ad with varying degrees of intent using the back-end system (such as my agency uses) if I know what the goals are. Boosted posts don't do this.

It is a layman's way of participating in serving ads. But, I'm sorry to say, not very practical.

Also, reporting is a vital component of any digital advertising campaign. Facebook is no different.  Boosted posts and insights give you just a glimmer of data that gives you the entire story. For instance, in my estimation, I think it gives about 20% of the story. That's leaves a lot of data left.

So it comes down to this -- if you are going to spend money on Facebook, which is a good idea, don't you think you should do it with the best tools possible?

I do. If you want some ideas on how to do this, let me know. I'm always here to help.