Customer Service in a Digital World

Keeping your customers not only happy but loyal can at times be a challenge. In today’s digital age, customer service is not what it was in the past. If your business is primarily online, you don’t have the option of smiling and offering to help the customer to the car with their purchase.  How then can you show customer service in this digital world and keep them coming back? You have to find a way to stand out from the competition and show your customers that their loyalty is essential to you. Here are a few innovative ideas that will improve your customer service digitally. 

Publicize Customer Reviews

Customer reviews not only give you feedback on how to improve on your company, but they build a reputation for you. Customers will always take the word of other customers first. Publicizing reviews show that you care about the opinion of your clients because you’re sharing their experience with the rest of the world. You should also make a habit of replying to reviews both good and bad. Thank them for their input, their business, and their helpful review. If the report is less than flattering, respond with an apology and offer to fix the problem immediately. The customer will no doubt appreciate the attention given to their review. 

Reward Your Customers

We have all probably experienced the reward system. The idea is pretty straight forward. For every X amount spent your earn X amount of reward points. In turn, these points can be applied to a later purchase giving the customer discounted or even free merchandise or services. This system shows your customers that you value their loyalty and they will have more incentive to keep returning.  One example of a company that rewards its customers is Starbucks. By downloading their app, customers can pay quickly and easily without the wait. Also, with each purchase, you gain points that lead you to free merchandise. Just remember to keep your point system simple, easy to understand, and rewarding for both you and the customer. 

Support the Community

Technology has opened up a lot as far as communication and understanding of the rest of the planet. Your customers want to make a difference in the world. How can you help them do that? Rather than offering a discount for the purchases they’ve made, offer to donate a certain percentage of each transaction to a good cause. This will show that you understand your customer’s values and the respect and loyalty you gain will be nothing compared to how you can make a difference in the world. Take Bombas for example. For every pair of socks they sell, they donate a pair to the homeless. Recognize which causes are most appealing to your customer and most relevant to your industry. 

Excellent customer service is still achievable in the digital world we live in. So why not try out one of these innovative ways to improve on your customer service. Both you and your customer will be happy you did.