Creating a following that matters

On any social media platform there is one code of absolute certainty: be sincere. If you can’t do that, trying to connect with your consumer base will fall flat every time.

Now some of you may say, wait, I sell a service. What does being sincere have to do with anything?

I’m here to tell you it means everything.

The first thing about developing a following is not to sell, it’s to inform. Sharing product at “x” amount of money is not how you gain the trust and following of your social media potential candidates.

It is the first way to annoy them.

So here is a quick list of ways you might want to approach things.

1) Be consistent: drive home to people that you are here and willing to share with them ways to improve what ails them. Of course, you may provide this kind of service, but you need not get into it. Just share your viewpoint. This is best done in a blogging format.

2) Content is king: No matter what you sell or do, the content you provide to show you understand your industry best is through blogging. I recommend hiring someone to do it for you if you’re not comfortable with writing. There are plenty of good writers out there.

3) Interact: if someone comments on your post, respond! If someone messages you, respond! Be fast too. Facebook is judging you.

If you want to know more feel free to email me. I’ll talk to you anytime.