Creating a sincere social persona driving client connection

People want to have a social media presence usually ask the type of questions.

“Will it work?”

“Will I get business from it?”

“How many likes am I going to get?”

Regardless of business type these questions, and more, too often pervade the echo-system questioner's minds. Now, I’m not saying they are not valid, just that they are common among those who want to have success on social media, but do not understand the intricacies of how it works.

So, I thought today would be a perfect opportunity to explain how I do what I do to help clients build a following and sell their services to a product through the vast networks that are at our fingertips.

Here are some of my best tips.

1. Social Networks like the real world, depend on actual relationship building. Basically, this is true in no matter what you do. But if you want to have success on Facebook, for instance, you’re not going to do it by selling. You must do it by either informing, being sincere, and by being available to answer truthfully to real questions from the community you’re trying to reach. Be yourself. Don’t try to be bigger than who you are. Show humility. Be accountable. Your community wants to know who you are. Even when you mess up. It’s all a part of the process. And it works.

2. Don’t focus on likes. If you do, you will be consumed to do things you shouldn’t. Focus on content. Content is KING. The more you can share with your community the more they will click and the more you can invite to like your page. I’m working with a client now who, just in 90 days has built a tremendous following. We have been very strategic and consistent, but we have done it. And I am incredibly proud of the work. Naturally, the more content you share, the more people will read. They will rely on you for information. This is a crucial indicator of growth. And the cheapest.

3. Stop making selling product or services the goal. If you can take a step back and realize asking questions about what people need and have content appropriate to that need, you will very successfully build a following. Speak to a subject, not a product. If they trust you, of course, they will come to you for answers. Just understand it takes time and effort to become the resource people need.