Xplode this — Getting back on the circuit with Matt Fagioli


Last week I reached out to an old friend, Matt Fagioli. He is the founder of the Xplode real estate tech conference that travels the country bringing the best ideas regarding innovation and the industry.

He’s the earliest of early adopters and has done a magnificent job bringing ideas to real estate agents and brokers all over the country.

Now there are a lot of conferences out there. You have the Inman’s of the world of course. Even the Bar Camps. But what I like most about Matt is not just that he’s smart and innovative, but damn it, I love him. Like a lot. He’s just a great guy. Genuine. 

And that’s why I flew across the country with four days notice to be in Boise, Idaho.

Wait, you’re in Boise? You say. Like the place with the blue football field? Yes! I’m here, and I love it. The reason I'm here is I love being in a room where people want to learn new things to help build their business. It’s awesome. A great feeling being around driven professionals who only want to bring new ideas into their business.

Now, I'm not naive. And I don't think you are. I came here to talk about my services. But I decided not to do that. I'm just going to talk about what exists in the digital marketplace that they might not know. I'm going to introduce it to them. Because let's face it, if I do 10 minutes on geo-fencing I don't think it will work well.

So this afternoon I will speak to a room full of these people — these people who want to make more of their businesses through new ideas — and hope I can make a connection with them. 

So, I'm here, because of Matt. Because I enjoy teaching and bringing new ideas to people. 

Thanks, Matt. And here's to showing up!