Advanced Facebook targeting and how to reach the people that matter to your business


There has been a tremendous amount of piling on in regards to Facebook and the privacy issue this last month. Regardless how you feel about it, however, most small businesses (or large ones for that matter) will never find a better way to do behavioral target marketing than by using Facebook. When you're talking cost per click, nothing is better in regards to results.

For instance. Let’s say you’re a Realtor, and you want to target people who are recently engaged or married within a certain income level. With Facebook’s advertising backend that firms like mine use, you can do that. Now, as I have mentioned in previous posts, you will not be able to do this kind of work in a boosted post platform, but you can do it through the backend.

Let’s say you own a Porsche dealership, and you want to target people who are in specific zip codes, making a certain amount money, who have interests in BMW, Mercedes, etc. Facebook can make sure those people see your ads.

Now, here’s the rub. You, the advertiser, will not be shown who these people are. I say this only because some Senators didn’t seem to understand this. You do have the ability, however, to create lead forms, which will give you the direct and invaluable information you need and want. The consumer’s name and email address. But that’s only if they fill out.

So here’s the thing, the targeting Facebook provides is second to none. You can target people in several different ways. Of course having someone like me setting up, monitoring, and managing the campaigns might change the results you have, but anyone can run ads within these parameters. 

And it’s not even about money. If you do it right, you will save so much because you know precisely the kind of person you target. What it comes down to is knowing how to do it, doing it right, patience, and the understanding that these things work if given the time.

If you have questions, I can always answer them for you.