Content is King. But it needs help.


There is a very famous, very brilliant social marketing expert in the real estate industry (yes, Chris Smith of Curyator, I'm talking about you) who believes and teaches that content is king. I believe this as well. I think if you create outstanding content people will follow you, and gradually become so enamored with you and your perspective that they will choose you for whatever services you offer.

I get it and it makes perfect sense.

In fact, Chris has made an entire company on the premise. A company I admire.

And thus began my journey. Over the last year, as I have retaught myself the world of not only social advertising and targeting but digital platform advertising, I realize it can be so much more. Basically, if you create high end, beautiful, fantastic content, you need it to be seen and stay relevant.

Just as an example, this blog post. Let's say you think it's the definition of compelling content (which it's not by the way). Is it enough to place it on my website, link it to Facebook and boost the post? A year ago, maybe I would have thought so. But did you know that through sophisticated systems that Facebook provides agencies (like mine), I can reach particular people most likely to make a difference to your business? I'm talking about hard core targeting.

The kind of scary, big brother, Cambridge Analytica kind of targeting that freaks people out. But I'm here to tell you it works, works well, and the person you trust with your messaging and advertising campaigns needs to know how to use it.

For instance, let's say you are a Real Estate agent and you have a listing. It's $970,000 and has been sitting on the market for six months. You have had three cost reductions, and it is now priced where it should be.

You must get the word out. So you think boosted post, right?

Well, for some this may work, but what if it doesn't? Did you know Facebook has more than ten different kinds of advertising methods for agencies like mine and companies in the know. It's high-level stuff, and I'm here to tell you it exists and it works.

It's about expertise and understanding how to take advantage of the remarkable opportunities Facebook advertising gives consumers -- primarily when working with people like me who understand how to target likely consumers and their intent.

Chris and Curyator are brilliant. They have offered the Real Estate industry an excellent way for Realtors to reach a base of people so people can grow their network. 

But, as I have gone on my walkabout this last year or so, I also understand there is another level for people who want refined targeting to grow their bottom line. It is in tandem with Chris' "Content is King" method with rigorous targeting methodology.

It's the marrying of the two. 

If you would like more information on this, I'm here. But in the meantime, just imagine the possibilities.