Be Apple, not Walmart.


"Things move pretty fast sometimes..." or so the movie says. Life is remarkable, isn't it? One second it leads in one direction, the next it drives in another. The exciting thing is that as I sit here now, writing this, I realize more than anything, I want to do great work.

So here I am, creating this new company using a platform I thought I understood. Oh, how I was wrong. In the last six months, I have learned more about digital advertising, delivery, and consumer intent than I have in the previous six years. 

And I thought I knew something the last six years.

But today, as I launch my new company, it comes down to this: content may be king, but you have to reach the people most likely to do something with your content for it to matter.

And I now know how to do that.

As I move forward, I have one intent, to create content that matters and to reach people who will react to it in the way my clients intend.

That's it. It's that simple.

Anyway, as an old friend used to tell me, "Be apple, not Walmart." Damn right. I will.